Engraved Crystal Photo Gifts

Engraved Crystal Photo Gifts

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The crystal photo gifts for girlfriend is a unique and very elegant gift that you can present to your love one. They have a glossy shine on its own and looks wonderful on any occasion. You can give these as gifts for various occasions like birthday, wedding, anniversary or a baby shower. Crystal photo crystal is one of the popular gifts for loved ones and friends on special occasions crystallasergifts.com.

To make it a personalized photo gift, place the crystal photo block inside a fine-tipped gift box. This is a good idea to present your gift to your near and dear ones with elegance. The gift box can be decorated with potted plants, ribbon and decorative pieces like beads, crystals and rhinestones. Thanks to the process of laser engraving present inside the crystal photo block, your favorite photo appears to float inside the photo block. As crystal photo block is translucent, it looks similar to a real picture. It looks as if 3D crystal stones would constantly float inside the translucent photo block.

Present your loved one with the crystal photo frame as a personalized gift set. Engrave the photo using your choice of words and elegant font. For best effect, use your favorite photo. Set this photo gift in a 3D glass plate that makes a wonderful gift for your loved one. Engrave the crystal photo using your choice of words and elegant font. For best result, use your favorite photo 3dlasergifts.com.

The luminous base of the crystal photo block is made out of white ceramic material with a silver-like metallic shine. It is designed with a semi-translucent mirror-like bottom so that you can see the text easily from all sides. On the other hand, the luminous base has a silver or gold-plated cap and is placed on the table. This kind of luminous base is perfect for you to showcase your favourite picture and remember it always 3dgifts.com.

If you want to get something more useful for your dear one, consider getting a crystal photo box. Just like the luminous base, it also contains a semi-translucent mirror-like bottom. To enhance its design, use your favourite photo. Place this photo box on an elegant table and present it with a crystal heart shaped charm. Engrave the crystal heart using your choice of words and elegant font.

Engraved crystal photo bowls make great gifts for almost everyone. These bowls are large enough to hold a number of pictures. Choose your favourite picture and add it to this crystal photo bowl. Or, choose a small elegant picture in a cute bowl and add it to your loved one’s collection. There are many more crystal photo gifts that you can find online.

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