How Does Pay Per Call Work?

How Does Pay Per Call Work?

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Pay per call is an online marketing model in which the price charged by a provider is based on the number of phone calls made by interested subscribers of their advertisement. Pay Per Call services charge based on either a per call fee, per impression fee or a per sale fee.

Pay Per Call

Generally the amount charged per call is the same. However the nature of the service providers may differ. For example most call centers will offer free call service to new customers, while some providers may charge a one-time registration fee. Some providers also offer a free trial and after this period of free calls have been met, they will charge a monthly fee.

Call center companies usually charge an initial deposit as a minimum amount before providing services. The provider may allow the caller to make two calls for free before charging additional deposits. Other companies may charge a monthly service fee.

Most providers of Pay Per Calls do not charge the customer any extra charges for using the services unless and until there are specific calls that are made and received that require further research. A provider who provides call forwarding service is likely to charge more than the normal call charges for the same calls.

Call center companies often offer a number of free call forwarding options in different languages that enable the customers to reach the company through other sources such as the Internet. However if a customer has difficulties in understanding the language used by his caller, he can simply request to speak to a live agent in another language.

If the call center provider does not provide free call forwarding services, he may charge a one time fee. Callers are required to enter their name and phone number before they are allowed to talk to an agent. When calling the provider, the caller has to dial a four-digit extension of the telephone number and then press the “Talk” button. Once the call is registered, the caller can then call back or hang up if the call does not come through.

Call centers charge the same fees as other call centers. They typically charge higher rates than traditional call centers.

Most companies have a list of toll free numbers that include toll free numbers that are not affiliated with any of the companies providing Pay Per Call’s services. So, if the caller has trouble reaching the provider using toll free numbers, the caller can easily transfer the call to a toll free number and make a call back.

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