City Wide Towing and Recoveries – Quality Services for Your Business

City Wide Towing and Recoveries – Quality Services for Your Business

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City Wide Towing and Recovery are an experienced company that has been operating in the State of New Jersey for the past 30 years. We offer a wide range of services including local and long distance towing, heavy heavy-duty towing, recoveries, private parking impounds, repo’s, service calls, etc.”

The company is well known for its safety and customer satisfaction and has many satisfied customers in their backdrop. They are certified and licensed by the New Jersey Department of Transportation. They are also a member of the New Jersey Tow Truck Trade Association (NJTTA). The company is very well known and respected throughout the country.

The company is very proud of its services and is willing to meet all your needs from pick up and haul to towing. They have a large fleet of tow trucks that includes Ford Excursion, GMC Yukon, Chevrolet, Dodge Ram, Mercedes, Ford Focus, and Chevy Cavalier. These vehicles are covered by the New Jersey Auto Warranty program.

The company is well known for their safe and efficient recovery service. They are committed to providing a quality to their clients, their employees, and the community at large. The service is a good mix of safety, speed, professionalism, and customer satisfaction.

City Wide Towing and Recovery are located at the corner of South Main Street and West End Avenue in Hawthorne, NJ. The facility is open seven days a week. It is closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, and the day before the holiday. It is open during the day on Sunday’s and Monday’s. They are located in a quiet neighborhood.

I contacted this tow-tipper company and they are open to the public and will allow you to speak with their drivers and get a feel for the company before you decide to tow your car. This company also offers free quotes on the vehicles they tow, and the amount of time you will be charged for it.

City Wide Towing and Recoveries are located about 40 minutes south of New York City. And is conveniently located near the airport, the Meadowlands, and the NJ Transit system, and the train station.

If you need a pickup or towing company that provides quality service, a reliable fleet of vehicles, and will accommodate your needs and budget, the City Wide Towing and Recovery team are the one for you. They have been serving the area for a long time and are a trusted name in the industry.

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