The Auto Care Society is the World’s Finest Place for Car Care

The Auto Care Society is the World’s Finest Place for Car Care

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The Auto Care Society is an independent not-for-profit association based in New Haven, Connecticut. Auto Care Society’s nearly 3,500 members and affiliate businesses, including thousands of professionals, dealers, owners, and service personnel, represent about 150,000 people. The society offers many resources to help educate auto shoppers, including training seminars, informative books, web sites, and a number of special events that promote car maintenance.

Auto Care Society’s mission is to increase the knowledge of auto care and to build a community for auto care and specialty companies. The society’s Board of Directors, a non-profit organization, holds regular meetings, makes important decisions, and publishes an annual newsletter and a quarterly newsletter. Members have the opportunity to serve on advisory boards and committees, make donations, and vote at meetings. An Auto Care Society member can also register as an exhibitor in auto trade shows, provide educational information on seminars, be a speaker, help develop a newsletter, or even become a member of an advisory committee.

The Society publishes monthly car care and auto detailing journals and features car-related articles in several print media including the Journal of Automotive Science, the Journal of Automotive Technology and the Journal of Automotive Maintenance Education. It also sponsors and publishes automotive shows, exhibits, conferences and other special events, which are attended by professional car shoppers and professionals from all industries. Car shoppers, industry professionals and potential members have access to all types of services and information.

The Society encourages car shoppers to maintain their cars, even though they may feel pressured to buy new or discounted cars. The Society’s educational programs are designed to teach car shoppers how to maintain their vehicles at no cost to themselves. The car shoppers may be required to purchase an AutoCare Society membership fee at the beginning of the program, but this can often be waived if the shopper has a history of auto maintenance problems. In some cases, there are discounts available if a car shopper pays their car maintenance and driving fees through one of the Society’s authorized representatives or if they make a donation to the organization.

The Society provides auto care information and auto detailing classes for the general public as well. Some of the classes teach basic automobile maintenance, while others focus on preventive maintenance such as tire inflating and repairing, window tint, brake maintenance and oil change and detailing. Other classes cover advanced areas such as steering repair and windshield replacement and transmission and even aftermarket body work. The Society sponsors both free and paid programs.

Car shoppers can get information on auto care services by becoming a member of the Auto Care Society. Auto shoppers also can search for local auto care professionals in the area by choosing one of the state chapters of the Society’s websites or by contacting their offices or by phone. The Society offers online newsletters, seminars and special events and provides helpful resources and information.

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