Services Offered By The FMS

Services Offered By The FMS

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The FMS Lock Shop is one of the many rock shops in the Bay Area that offer high quality locksmith services for a variety of needs. As a leader in the industry, this business has grown from two employees and a few tools to over a dozen highly qualified employees, as well as a team of highly trained and licensed locksmith technicians, including a Master Locksmith. There are also four skilled and licensed technicians who work in a 24-hour surveillance capacity at the headquarters, 24 hours a day.

Today, the FMS Lock shop has over ten highly trained locksmith technicians, all with over seven years of experience, all under the direction of their Master Locksmith, Richard Ewing. With their master technician, Richard, and manager, Anne Willis, the highly trained FMS technicians work with the customers and lock shop key control supervisor, Annie Willis, to make sure all of your security needs are met. They also take care of customer service, giving the customers the satisfaction that they deserve. They make sure that they have all their customers’ keys and have a good working relationship with their customers.

In addition to their highly trained technicians, they have their very own locksmiths, one on a permanent staff and the other as part time hires. In this area of the business, they specialize in all kinds of locks, including home and commercial, and they are willing to help customers in a variety of situations. One such situation is emergency locksmith services, which are essential in times of disaster and lock malfunction. During these situations, the locksmith technicians come in and fix any problems that the client’s locks need to be fixed and provide additional security systems to further protect the client.

Another example of an emergency situation that they respond to is lock repairs. They can help clients that have broken locks, which are difficult to install or replace, because they have the proper tools and know how to repair them. This allows the client to enjoy peace of mind knowing that their home or business has security, even if it just requires a little extra effort.

Locksmiths in the FMS team are skilled in providing services that include the installation of new or replacement locks, as well as installation of new or replacement key control systems. These services are available both offline and online, both with locks from a local company and locks that are bought from a national company. or distributor. The Internet is the number one place to go for locksmith information, so if you have questions or concerns about any kind of locks or key control then you can contact a locksmith and ask them for advice and help.

In closing, one thing that the Lock Shop prides itself on is customer service. You will never be disappointed with the level of service that they give you, because they have been serving this community and the Bay Area for over 40 years and they know what they are doing. Even if it is something as simple as a lock repair, that they have helped, they will go the extra mile and make sure that the problem is fixed as quickly and professionally as possible. They do not compromise on the quality of the work that they do and the quality of their service.

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